An invitation to Hungary 

"The place where something has always happened for over 1000 years"

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Dear Visitor!

This varied, picturesque land is bordered by a sometimes calm, sometimes dignified river - the Danube. A vivid, bustling world welcomes visitors with great and small wonders of nature. Its most charasteristic feature is variety: the summer sun shines down on lakes, rivers, fields and forest-covered slopes as well as on rocks and cultivated vineyeards.

The county is about half an hour's drive on the motorway from Budapest and not more than two from Vienna and Bratislava.

This land and its inhabitants are expecting you. If you come here, variety and peace, friendship and the legendary Hungarian hospitality will follow you on your way.

See you soon!

Some information about the County:

Territory: 869 sq mile, Inhabitants: 312,000, Settlements: 75, Seat: Tatabánya

The distance of the seat from Budapest: 37 miles, from Vienna 119 miles and from Bratislava 89 miles.

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